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As you know, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, CORE decided to postpone until 2021 the A Special Place ceremonies that had been scheduled for June 7 in Pennsylvania and September 27 in West Virginia.

This summer, CORE is inviting donor families to submit a photo of your loved one along with a short quote, which we will use to create a tribute to them.

If you choose not to submit a photo/quote this year, you will again have the opportunity to do so next year when you’re invited to the 2021 A Special Place ceremonies.

Please reach out by email at or 412-963-3550 should you have any questions about submitting the photo/quote. We are always here to support you.



If you would like your loved one to be recognized in the photo tribute, please do the following:

  • Choose one in-focus, color photograph of your loved one. 
  • Choose up to 10 words about your loved one that will be displayed in the photo tribute.
  • Fill out the following form and upload a photo of your loved one.


If you would prefer to submit the photo and quote by U.S. mail or email instead, you can do so at:


U.S. Mail:

CORE (attn: Special Place Tribute)
204 Sigma Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15238
*Please include a completed photo form in the envelope. In lieu of photo form, please include your loved one’s full name as well as their preferred name/nickname (if applicable), your contact information, and the photo of your loved one.


*In addition to the photo and quote, please include your loved one’s full name as well as their preferred name/nickname (if applicable) along with your contact information in the email.

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