Center for Organ Recovery & Education Launches “LiVE: 8” to Encourage Organ Donation Awareness and Designations

PITTSBURGH, June 19, 2014 – Every organ donor has the potential to save eight lives, which is the foundation of the new public awareness campaign from the Center for Organ Recovery & Education (CORE). Using multiple channels such as outdoor, television, print and radio advertising, transit wraps, a brand new website and social media, CORE is encouraging individuals to “LiVE: 8” and end the wait by signing up to become an organ and tissue donor.

“Thousands of lives are saved each year with organ transplants, but thousands more are waiting to be saved,” said Susan Stuart, president and CEO of CORE, one of the 58 federally designated not-for-profit organ procurement organizations (OPOs) in the United States. “Amazingly, a single donor can save up to eight lives, but only a fraction of us are registered to donate. It doesn’t add up, which is the basis of our campaign. Educating others about the importance of donation begins with you. So join us, and LiVE 8.”

The integrated campaign comes at a critical time, as more than 122,000 individuals are on the national waiting list in need of an organ transplant. Thousands more are in need of tissue and cornea. Through the campaign, CORE aims to grow awareness of donation and transplantation and help dispel myths. “LiVE 8” provides simple, effective ways to inspire others and raise awareness of the need for organ and tissue donation:

• 8 Myths to Socialize: Help family and friends understand that registering as an organ and tissue donor is something that we all can do to make a significant difference in the lives of others. Help us spread the truths about organ donation. Read the myths here:

• 8 Ways to Say Amen: All major religions support organ and tissue donation as an act of charity. If you or someone you know is concerned about registering, pray about it and talk to your clergy. LiVE: 8 and you’ll find out that many of your fellow believers have made the life-saving choice to become a registered organ and tissue donor:

• 8 Places to Live it Up: Stop by and see us. Bring eight of your friends. Register to become an organ and tissue donor and teach others the importance of donation at our events throughout the community:

• What You Can Do to LiVE: 8: Save lives, help others and give back. For eight things that you can do today, visit: .

For more information about LiVE: 8, visit .

For more information about CORE, the organ procurement organization that serves western Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Chemung County, New York, visit .

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