Funeral Directors


Working Together for Families


Organ and tissue donation offers the hope to heal. At a time of tragedy, families find comfort knowing the legacy of their loved one continues.


CORE partners with the staff from more than 150 hospitals and health care facilities, as well as funeral directors, coroners and medical examiners, to offer hope and a second chance at life to the thousands of people who are waiting nationwide for life-saving and healing  organ, tissue and cornea transplants. On our staff at CORE are licensed embalmers and funeral directors. Their extensive experience provides a unique resource to Coroners, Medical Examiners and Funeral Homes.


Our hope is that by fostering a greater understanding of donation and transplantation, we offer hope to those waiting, while also honoring the truest heroes of donation: the donors and their families.

Your involvement is essential to make the donation experience a positive one for family members and friends. Also, the attitudes you convey about donation will affect a family’s feelings about their decision to donate.


While CORE is entrusted with supporting donor families during the donation process and beyond, it’s our privilege to partner with our funeral home partners throughout western Pennsylvania and West Virginia to provide this support so that we can, together, create a culture of donation in the communities we serve.



     TJ Roser, FD

     Funeral Director/Coroner Liaison

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