Team Alleghenies Transplant

Service. Fellowship. Competition. Fun.


Team Alleghenies Transplant is a group of volunteers who believe passionately in the philosophy to “pass it on.” As transplant recipients, donor families, waiting list candidates, living donors and caregivers, donation has changed their lives for the better.

Now it’s their mission to save lives and broaden awareness about organ, tissue and cornea donation by increasing the number of people registered as donors in Pennsylvania and West Virginia.


To accomplish this mission, Team Alleghenies Transplant holds donor drives and “recycle yourself” campaigns throughout their communities. This is a diverse team filled with kids and seniors; the brawny and the brainy; the outgoing and the introverted; and those new to the cause as well as veteran advocates.


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       Team Alleghenies Transplant team members call attention to

       the desperate need for more organ donors in this country while

       showcasing the success of transplantation.








There are 110,000 people currently awaiting life-saving transplants in this country; 7,500 of them in PA, 500 in WV. Members share these statistics to underscore the desperate need for registered organ donors.







       To reduce the number of people waiting for transplant,

       at donor drive events, team members use an online

       app and donor cards to register new donors.