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2019 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Winner


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CORE is honored and proud to be named a 2019 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award winner. This Presidential-level honor recognizes exemplary U.S. organizations and businesses that demonstrate an “unceasing drive for radical innovation, thoughtful leadership and administrative improvement.”

While we take great pride in being recognized with this prestigious award, we acknowledge that our work is not done. Perhaps more than ever, on Baldrige’s national stage, it is paramount that we continue to focus on what we do best — saving and healing lives through organ, tissue and cornea donation. We will use this recognition as inspiration to continue to work on behalf of those nearly 110,000 people on the national transplant waiting list who hope for a second chance at life.


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“This award is a testament to CORE’s dedication to our mission to Save and Heal lives through donation. It’s a showcase of our values, and of our relentless drive to innovate and integrate programs and best practices. It’s proof that, in the improvements we make and the excellence toward which we strive, CORE is changing the lives of grieving donor families, courageous transplant recipients and those holding out hope for a life-saving transplant.” – Susan Stuart, President & CEO




♦   CORE has maintained performance among the top 10% of the nation’s OPOs from 2014 through 2019.

♦   For all four of CORE’s key customer groups — donor families, transplant centers, corneal transplant surgeons, and tissue processors — results show satisfaction levels above 90%. The satisfaction rate for donor families has been between 95 and 100%.

♦   In a best-practice OPO partnership called LINC, which includes two previous Baldrige winning organizations, CORE has developed algorithms to help normalize results data so that OPOs can better measure and improve their performance through comparison and benchmarking. CORE’s information technology team has also worked closely with the Association of Organ Procurement Organizations (AOPO) to build a tool to examine infrastructure, data, and integration in order to advance OPOs’ best practices.

♦   As the result of managing the costs, efficiency, and effectiveness of its operations, which led to two on-site operating rooms and research laboratories, CORE achieved cost-savings of over $300,000 in 2014, over $600,000 in 2018, and over $2.6 million to date.