Governance Committee

The Governance Committee is charged with the responsibility of the Board of Directors and is able to act for the board in the event of emergencies. This committee also nominates candidates for election, monitors compliance with the Conflict of Interest Policy, is involved in succession planning, and conducts performance reviews of the president and chief executive officer. The Governance Committee meets four times during the fiscal year.

Community and Professional Outreach Committee

The Community and Professional Outreach Committee meets at least four times during the fiscal year. This committee is trusted with providing recommendations for community education and outreach programs, developing professional hospital services, providing recommendations for multicultural outreach programs, recommending ideas for corporate relations, and evaluating and making recommendations for media campaigns and bereavement care. Public affairs, governmental advocacy, and fundraising programs and practices are also considered by this committee.

Innovation Oversight Committee

Meeting at least twice during the fiscal year, this committee engages in developing an innovation spending policy, determining the financial feasibility of proposed projects, reviewing proposals for research, training and education, evaluating opportunities consistent with the purpose of the Committee and making recommendations to the Governance Board regarding approval of opportunities, grants and projects and funding thereof.   

Finance/Audit Committee

Meeting three times during the fiscal year, this committee engages in financial and capital planning, monitors the financial performance of CORE, and reviews and recommends non-executive compensation, insurance, pension and benefit plans. Additionally, the group reviews the annual budget, monitors compliance and makes a recommendation to the board in the selection of an auditor.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is responsible for identifying, recruiting and recommending individuals for appointment to the CORE Board or CORE Board Committees and provides a slate of Officers for Board approval in accordance with CORE’s Bylaws. The Committee meets annually and at least 30 days prior to the Board meeting at which new directors shall be elected. Additional meetings may be scheduled throughout the year as needed.